Con Law

by Generationals

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Con Law was written and performed by Generationals -- Grant Widmer and Ted Joyner. The album was recorded and produced by Daniel Black at Bent Black in Washington, DC, in 2008. Daniel Black played drums on every song and Faye Malarkey Black sang on "Nobody Could Change Your Mind," "Faces in the Dark," "When They Fight, They Fight," "Wildlife Sculpture" and "Exterior-Street-Day."

Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFICD in Seattle. Kacy Godso took the photo. Visit the band at


released June 23, 2009



all rights reserved


Generationals New Orleans, Louisiana


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Track Name: Nobody Could Change Your Mind
When you wear your black sunglasses 
Nobody Could change your mind
You are up for the snitch of the century
nobody could change your mind
I never bought the connection
The connection is made, couldn't you say?
But we could all see it coming along
Nobody Could Change your Mind

I have to wonder what you say to yourself
I have to wonder what your saying to me
I sat up in my bed when they called me up and said
they saw you walking on the Boulevard Saint-Denis (and you were)
Making a face, you were stabbing at the sidewalk
You got somebody to give you the time
But we could all see it coming along
Nobody could change your mind

There was a message from your sister and christina to me
(nobody could change your mind)
They said you really don't need those glasses to see
And that you never will admit when your decisions are wrong
But we could all see it coming along
You should see if you can remember any numbers at all
Before the haze sets in and there's no one to call
And you've been keeping up appearances for ever so long
But we could all see it coming along
Track Name: Angry Charlie
I heard you laughing, I knew you thought you could hide.
It was a sound ringing out from the back of the line.
Your heart's not broken, but your feelings they show.
There's a mark left behind when you walk in the snow.

Your little Tina, is she still alive?
Now that you've seen her, Are you still surprised?

Know if we made it, they caught me cheating again.
It's the one in the red that you keep on the shelf.
It's overrated, we'll pretend we're just friends.
If you won't sing it with me, then i'll sing by myself.

Your little tina is she still alive?
Now that you've seen her are you still surprised?

Good luck with teacher, now you know what they like.
In love with Tina? You know well, now that you know her.
Long time, no? Seen her? In a parallel life.
Long time no see.
Track Name: Faces in the Dark
I take some comfort in losing my memory
(O A O don't you let me down)
Then I get it back and I say, 'so this is what they mean'
(O A O don't you get around)
They don't say that don't make it hard

Everybody's making faces in the dark
But don't stop struggling that's what sets you apart
It's just the ghost of inhibition, that's what's breaking your heart
Everybody, everybody's making faces in the dark

I understand ambition, I was listening too
(they don't give up they don't give in)
But it's the middle of the summer and I've got nothin' to do
(somebody get out, somebody get in)
I only miss my own City Park


And if you let yourself see
You're making a mess of it all
and Esteban, your sister and me, we're alright
There is the perception of a regular thing
But I've been covering up all the things you won't let anyone see
If ever a minute goes by you won't see me
I got a double in the city that's buryin' me, tonite

So how is it that the memory's still so clear
(they don't get out wherever they go)
And if you can't sell it back, celebrate it while it's here
(they don't let out whatever they know)
They get seven attempts and they start

Track Name: When They Fight, They Fight
When they fight, they fight
And when they come home at night they say,
"i love you, baby."

Was it too much too soon,
Or too little too late?
He got the message she left on his car, in the rain.

And then the words they come to you,
driving away.
You just can't let it go.

And when they fight, they fight,
And when they come home at night they say,
"i love you, baby."

And when it all comes crashing down,
what can you do,
to find what you're looking for?
And then the words will come to you,
driving through the rain.

But there'll be no one there to say them to anyway.
Track Name: Our Time (2 Shine)
Is that your girl? she tries so very hard.
When it gets late at night, does she not wonder where you are?

And in the future, there'll be cars that fly.
And i'll bet that she'll have found another guy
And she will look at you

Is that your girl, she laughs just like the rest.
She dresses nice at night, she's got those jewels across her chest.
And she will make you sorry.
This time of night you see that she's already
Found another you.

You got the message riding late at night.
Was getting dark but you could sitll make out the line,
"You'll be back soon."
Track Name: Wildlife Sculpture
The first time tunnel vision sets in
Beware the signs of hyperventilation
Beware the dangers of living alone
Be sure to hide scars from future generations

Don't let your old friends overestimate your demise
You can't miss it when you look in their eyes
Don't be your own, don't be your own sovereign state
We don't scissor, we don't separate

The second time and I was making up for past mistakes
And I said next time put me on the good side
We're synonymous, we could be riding the brakes
And I suggest I'm giving all I could, I ...

I see the way they come when you call
Our backs are not against the wall
Don't be your own, don't be your own sovereign state
We don't scissor we don't separate
Track Name: Bobby Beale
He saw her stealing from a liquor store
it wasn't that he hadn't noticed her before
He's decided he's got all he needs.
She's got many drug abusers in her family tree.
She finds herself not knowing where to start.
He finds himself not knowing how to park a car.
She said she read about it on tv
Do any of your other lovers drink as much as me?

They laugh aloud, they scream and shout, and carry on
And keep the neighbors up till dawn
And in the mirror she will make a funny face
And act like nothings going on.

He feels as though they're in a fairy tale
She tells him stories of the time she spent jail.
She puts some extra in his lemonade
He doesn't know the code to let her in the gate.
Please don't make me do it bobby beale
They want so bad to tell each other how they feel.
She throws a birthday party for herself.
He knows enough to knock before he rings the bell.
Track Name: Exterior-Street-Day
I saw your picture and I don't know where it stops
Stand in the parking lot, kicking up rocks
And being a general shrew
Making a face, givin it to
Your sister never had another normal year
Your little brother has a terrible fear 
of not knowing if you're coming back from the dead
I saw your friends at your building and they all said

We could all see it coming along, nobody could get through

And when they sent you back to Boston
Your best friend called and she said, "Stephanie lost em" 
But it was nothing compared to this
I though I caught em underestimating everything
I was exhausted from investigating every single
Modicum of bitterness and nothing less than levitating
Every day's a dime-a-dozen everyone's a wolf in waiting

We could all see it coming along, nobody could get through

You know you make it so hard on yourself, you are the ghost of 18
I recognize it cuz I do the same thing
Isn't that what everybody knows
I don't know anybody else who could give up so much so fast
You used to whistle when the dirty old drunks passed
There they go, there they go

You always. want to know. if I hear. where you go
But I don't hear anything anymore 
Track Name: It Keeps You Up
You are the first in your me parade.
You're getting older, they stay the same.
Your funny look and your jealous eyes.
They can't relate to a thing you say.

When all in all is all we are
May not get you very far.

It keeps you up at night,
how did they by their way into you?

We heard you first on the radio
You complicate the material.
How can it be that we'd get there first?
It was a lie, it was a lie just to say the words.

When your grass is painted green,
you'll get the taste of what we mean.

It keeps you up at night,
They sleep inside your living room.

We still remember things you said,
when your face was turning red.
Track Name: These Habits
You see somebody standing next to you, you come and go like fashion comes across
And when the solitude gets to you, get yourself to Pensacola and wash yourself off

There is nothing worse than waiting around
You can tell from looking at me that these habits are so far down

I saw the two of us playing cards in the dark, I said 'I guess I must be here'
And when I offer an apology back, my sister says I'm insincere

There is nothing worse than waiting around
You can tell from looking at me that these habits are so far down
There is nothing worse than waiting around
You can see from looking at me that these habits are so far down